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Tangential is a culture podcast that works through the events of a week by reading through weekly internet histories. Join hosts Julianna Klimeck and Nicholas Grayson as they try to explain the places and spaces their minds and internet browsers wander to every week.

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    035 - What's at the Moon's Kaur?

    Tangential is loving it’s 30’s and hopes it’s 40’s are just as fun. On the 35th installment of the show, Niki does something he rarely does — review a movie he enjoyed. Jules breaks down the social media poetry landscape and what art critics have to say about it. Somehow the conversation delves into neoliberalism. (It's wild.)

    Social media. What is social media? What is poetry. (That was a haiku, you’re welcome.)

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    034 - Rainbow Fish Deserved More

    Hello faithful listeners. (Hopefully you are also faithful readers of this weekly blurb you can skim when you click/tap that microscopic carrot.) On the 34th episode of Tangential, Niki and Jules try to problem solve some of Google Sheets’ most frustrating issues. Niki discusses the similarities between Rainbow Fish and Karl Marx and Jules heartily nods her head (and soul) in agreement. Ever heard of eyelash mites? Well now you have. #dontblink #getitquestionmark #thatwasbothadoctorwhoreferenceandamitereference #forclarificationdoctorwhoisalsodiscussedinthisepisode


    Tangential is a podcast that works through the events of a week by reading through weekly internet histories. Over the course of an hour, Julianna Klimeck and Nicholas Grayson try to explain and share where their minds wandered to that week, and how they got there.

    Thanks to Louie Zong for letting us use Blackberry Jam off of his album "Jam II" as our theme song! You can listen + buy the song here: https://louiezong.bandcamp.com/album/jam-ii


    Shoot us an email at tangentialpod@gmail.com! Talk to us about anything, we'll read it on air!

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    033 - Every Day Is A Week Long

    On this (late, sorry) episode of Tangential, Niki and Jules chat about Netflix's animation lineup, the Supreme Court, and the death of meme culture.

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    032 - Ethics Shmethics

    On the 32nd episode of Tangential, Jules and Niki talk about how Gen Y and Z-ers are taking care of their mental health in the digital age. Niki paints his dream vacation to the ville de lumière whilst Jules attempts to paint the premise of Cary Fukunaga’s newest Netflix creation.

    Are you willing to have a conversation with Niki and Jules for an hour? Email us at tangentialpod@gmail.com to be a guest on the show.

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    031 - What's New Scooby Doo?

    On the 31st episode of Tangential, Niki and Jules nosedive into brand manipulation and The Hex Girls. (Aside: It’s nearly October—get #creepypasta-y.) Niki breaks down which iPhone you should purchase this fall and Jules finally watches the second Guardians installment.

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    030 - I Am The Pretty Thing With Small Pox

    This week, Nicholas decides that he wants to take y'all on a trip to SF. Whatever happened to predictability? Probably went to the same place that the men who delivered beverages for the lactose tolerant and the youths who threw printed media at your property went. Joined by some of his college buds, Niki digs deep into leotard lore. Before that Jules complains about fraudulent pasta and her #spooky movie recommendation of the week. Thanks for getting to Episode 30, friends!

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    029 - It's Like a Goose Down There

    This week, Niki and Jules push technology to its furthest limits by attempting to record audio in three radically separate locations: Brooklyn, Windsor Hills, and, wait for it…The Valley. Join the duo in welcoming writer/journalist, Elly Belle to the mic. If you’re pumped to hear about vagina dentata, Cynthia Nixon’s breakfast go-to, and a video game that Niki claims is impossible to get motion sickness from, look no further than Episode 29 of Tangential.

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    028 - Why Hasn't Griffith Observatory Burned Down?

    Have you started HBO’s new hit limited series, Sharp Objects? Well thanks to Jules and her long-winded segment on Muchausen Syndrome By Proxy, you don’t have to. Later in the show, you will have the unique experience of joining one man on his journey to musical enlightenment via BioWare’s Dragon Age. Plus, Niki and Jules introduce a brand-new closing segment that reveals the size of their consumer footprint.

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    027 - Ban Computers, imo

    Life is like a hurricane here in Duck - burg. Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes it's a, duck - blur! Might solve a mystery, or rewrite hist'ry! DuckTales! Oo woo oo. Every day they're out there making! DuckTales! Oo woo oo. Tales of daring do bad and good luck tales! Whooh ooh. When it seems they're heading for the final curtain...Cool deduction never fails, that's for certain. The worst of messes become successes. Duck Tales! Whooh ooh. Every day they're out there making DuckTales! Whooh ooh. Tales of daring do bad and good luck tales! Whooh ooh. D - D - D - Danger! Watch behind you! There's a stranger, out to find you! What to do? Just grab on to some DuckTales. DuckTales! Oo woo oo. Every day they're out there making DuckTales! Oo woo oo. Tales of daring do bad and good luck tales! Oo woo oo. D - D - D - Danger! Watch behind you! There's a stranger, out to find you! What to do? Just grab on to some DuckTales! Oo woo oo. Every day they're out there making DuckTales! Oo woo oo. Tales of daring do bad and good luck tales! Whooh ooh. Everyday they're out there making DuckTales! Oo woo oo. Tales of daring do bad and good luck tales! Oo woo oo. Not pony tales or cotton tales, no DuckTales! Oo woo oo. All this and a little less on the 27th installment of Tangential.

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    026 - We're Goin' To WeWork Camp!

    Los Angeles’ hottest podcast is Tangential. This episode has everything: Neopets, dead Orcas, gong therapy (which is that thing where two men in banana costumes slam gongs into the sides of your head like in a cartoon), a real IMAX screen, standup paddleboard yoga, fifteen screens playing The Digimon Movie, and Rainn Wilson doing gross things inside of a dinosaur’s mouth.

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    025 - I Promise Not To Eat Your Face

    Twenty-five. We've made 25 of these dang things. Thanks for listening, y'all.

    This week, Niki and Jules talk about eating the rich, avocado festivals, coworking spaces, and iPhone jailbreaking. Las Vegas isn't even mentioned once this episode! So much personal growth has happened over the last few episodes.

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    024 - You Don't Trust Twitter?

    On this (slightly late, sorry) episode of Tangential, Jules and Niki chat about the homes of America's most wealthy residents, tire recycling and the third High School Musical movie. Somehow they manage to mention Las Vegas again, which is funny considering how much they dislike it. This one's short, so if you average this week and last week's episodes out, it's like they were both normal length. You're welcome.

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    023 - The Internet as Spectacle

    On the 23rd installment of Tangential, Niki and Jules cascade into tech and philosophy. Listen to Niki break down how you can track the exact whereabouts of America’s sweetheart, LeBron James, when he’s in the sky and roll your eyes as Jules reminisces about her studies in London. Bear with them as they tackle the idea of modernity and feel free to question whether either of them is college educated.

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    022 - Vegas, Bb

    On the 22nd installment of Tangential, Niki and Jules burn the midnight oil before heading off to Sin City. Jules desperately scours the internet for a way to cover up an egg sized mosquito bite and Niki questions Elon Musk’s true intentions concerning world peace. Jules reveals her summer guilty pleasure and Niki delves into Konami’s Metal Gear lore.

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    021 - Cool for the Summer

    We're back! On the the 21st episode of Tangential, Niki and Jules break in Summer 2k18 by talking about postgrad life before arguing about the practical purpose of Twitter. Later Niki gushes about his favorite NBC comedy and Jules talks about her vintage summer binge, Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Are you ready to listen to the duo spit into the mics weekly? Well they’re doing it anyway.

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    020 - GarageBand Sucks

    Jules' audio for the last ~8 minutes of the episode died in a terrible passion so the end of this one's all over the place. We talk about movies and being tired because of school and travel. College is hard, y'all. If anyone wants to let Jules and I into their grad programs please email us.

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    019 - A Chat with Nailah

    This one's all over the place. Our friend Nailah Hollis stops by to talk about ice cream, racist European holidays, and David Lynch.

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    018 - So They're Making a Frozen Musical...

    On this installment of Tangential, Niki discusses the ongoing gentrification of Disney’s California Adventure as well as the new Frozen Broadway musical. Jules talks a bit about the Phantom Thread’s composer, Jonny Greenwood and Niki gives his official stance on Kanye West’s best song of all time. All this and a little less on the 18th episode of Tangential.

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    017 - Put the Olympics in Wakanda

    Just like a white winged dove, we’ve made it to episode seventeen. On this episode Niki and Jules discuss the latest installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Netflix reboot of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Niki teaches Jules about Winter Olympic Sports and they proceeded to have a heated debate over which Olympic season is more dangerous. All this and a little less on this installment of Tangential.

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    016 - Fellow of the Pod

    On this episode of Tangential, Niki and Jules decide to go back to the popcorning method and bounce some delightful kernels around. Such unsalted, zero-trans fat carbs include job security in Drumpf's America, horror as a genre, and résumé building. Niki throws us all for a loop by starting a movie corner of his own and Jules' hits him with some trivia. All this and a little less on the sixteenth episode of Tangential.

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    015 - Super Bowl 52 Post Show Roundup

    This Super Bowl Sunday, Jules and Niki delve into the  deep and tremendously rich lores of Lord of the Rings and Girl Scout cookies respectively. Later, Jules recommends some stellar medieval poetry and Niki breaks into a story about an unexpected, inherently dangerous visitor. All this and a little less on the fifteenth episode of Tangential.

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    014 - Amy Pascal's DropMix

    On this installment of Tangential, Niki discusses the geopolitical environment that envelops Blizzard Entertainment’s team-based multiplayer online first-person shooter video game, Overwatch. Jules gives you a debriefing on entry level film and television jobs in Los Angeles whilst bowing down to Hollywood newcomer, Liz Hannah. Also, what’s the deal with MoviePass’ new restrictions? All this and a little less on the fourteenth episode of Tangential.

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    013 - Thirteen Episodes? Damn.

    We're back after a school + winter break related hiatus! Thanks for sticking with us, and for new listeners, welcome to Tangential!

    This is the second episode where we've asked Lin to not sue us. Jules got back into In The Heights last week, and has made it a personal mission to learn the lyrics to "Sunrise". After a pit stop to examine the career path of one James Cameron, Niki talks about cartoons for a bit, with Cartoon Network's We Bare Bears taken up the majority of his TV time as of late.

    Also, isn't it wild that fish can make electricity? nature's #2spooky, y'all

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    012 - Why Wasn’t This Episode About Halloweentown?

    On this minisode of Tangential, your hosts figure out how to successfully podcast long-distance! In the spirit of Halloween, Niki and Jules break down America’s holiday hierarchy #spooky. Jules starts her own cinema corner, while Niki gives you an inside look into one of the most exciting upcoming Nintendo projects—Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. All this and more on the twelfth episode of Tangential.

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    011 - Skinny Scarves Are Cool, Mo

    This week on Tangential, Niki and Jules contemplate a new theme song and as a result Niki breaks out his brand new ukulele. Are you still reading? Niki then mourns the future of the USMNT which perfectly segues into Jules recalling the most metal book of Homer’s Odyssey. In fact, the entirety of last week, Jules was on a literary kick. Probably because the prodigal daughter has returned to university and has spent the bulk of her time in the comfort of the English Reading Room. Don’t worry, Niki will surely keep you awake by dropping some sweet The Last Jedi exclusives.

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    010 - Moving and Shaking

    On this week’s episode, Jules experiences an earthquake in real time while Niki flirts with the iPhone X because he’s a jet-setting, Gogo Wifi finessing, supermodel millionaire. Take the time to email us, people. We’re lonely.

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    009 - Was Malcolm Even In The Middle?

    On the ninth episode of Tangential, Niki and Jules decided to celebrate NYFW by talking about their personal ~style icons of 2017!!~ Niki fanboys out about the highly anticipated release of Destiny 2 and Jules breaks down her obsession with Netflix’s megalomaniacal horse man. Jules proceeds to promenade down sitcom memory lane. First stop: Muniz. Is he alive? Did Cody Banks retire? Was Malcolm really in the middle? Yes. No. Maybe. I don’t know. Can you repeat the question?

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    008 - We Are Never, Ever, Ever Saying Yes to the Dress. Like, Ever.

    Niki went back to college without Jules. It was really rude but we guess not every university willingly complies with the ridiculous, stress-inducing bullshit known as the quarter system. So what does this mean for you? How will you enjoy the (undisputed) voices of our generation each and every week if the owner’s of these voices aren’t even in the same county? Don’t worry. We. Got. You.

    On this minisode of Tangential, Niki and Jules discuss the most controversial, self-proclaimed invertebrate in America— Taylor Alison Swift (former friend of Abigail). For all you Pong and Tetris lovers, Niki talks about something called "PAX Wrestling", and Jules gets into some NCAA drama. All this and a little less than usual on Tangential’s first ever minisode!

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    007 - Tangential Update: August 26, 2017

    Jules and Niki are heading off to school, so we're updating you on where the show will go while we're away! (Don't worry, it's not going far!)

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    006 - Planes, Trains, and Queso...mobiles?

    Did you miss us? On the sixth episode of Tangential, Jules gives a long-winded apology for not recording an episode last week. (TLDL— she’s a trash human being.) Then, Niki channels his inner Diane Sawyer and gives us the distressing truth behind everyone's favorite trader, Joe. Want an Ebert-esque analysis on Chipotle's newest gimmick that will get customers to forget about e. coli? Of course you do. All this and more on the most wholesome (read: unwholesome) podcast to have graced Stitcher.

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    005 - All Niki Ever Wanted Was to Go to Camp Rock

    On the fifth episode of Tangential, Niki and Jules attempt to introduce a political segment and show off their accent capacities. Additionally, Nicholas shares some hot takes on Broadway's flops and hits and Jules rolls her eyes accordingly. You can actually hear the eye rolling.

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    004 - All Julianna Ever Wanted Was to Go to Camp Walden

    On the fourth episode of Tangential, Niki and Jules welcome a special guest, Nailah Hollis. Listen to the three "friends" have an almost-succinct chinwag discussing Dunkirk, Kid Cuisine, and an overwhelming amount of murder.

    Trigger Warning: The following podcast contains discussions about murder cases, rape, and kidnapping.

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    003 - Huey, Dinklage, and Louie

    On this episode of Tangential, Niki and Jules delve into the flash computer games of their youth and give you a breakdown of the summer’s hottest blockbusters. The highly anticipated Season 7 premiere of HBO’s mega-hit, Game of Thrones, came out last Sunday—Niki regrettably opts to talk about Rachel Lindsay’s “Hometowns” episode instead.

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    002 - The Dream of the 90's is Alive in Burbank

    Have you ever wondered what it'd be like if you got halfway through recording an episode of your new podcast before deciding to scrap it and start over? We were too, so we did that this week, and ended up talking about Jeff Bezos' Prime Day, record players, and Demi Moore, while skirting the boundaries of US Fair Use law. (pls don't sue, Lin)

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