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Tangential is a culture podcast that works through the events of a week by reading through weekly internet histories. Join hosts Julianna Klimeck and Nicholas Grayson as they try to explain the places and spaces their minds and internet browsers wandered to that week.

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    021 - Cool for the Summer

    We're back! On the the 21st episode of Tangential, Niki and Jules break in Summer 2k18 by talking about postgrad life before arguing about the practical purpose of Twitter. Later Niki gushes about his favorite NBC comedy and Jules talks about her vintage summer binge, Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Are you ready to listen to the duo spit into the mics weekly? Well they’re doing it anyway.

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    020 - GarageBand Sucks

    Jules' audio for the last ~8 minutes of the episode died in a terrible passion so the end of this one's all over the place. We talk about movies and being tired because of school and travel. College is hard, y'all. If anyone wants to let Jules and I into their grad programs please email us.

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    019 - A Chat with Nailah

    This one's all over the place. Our friend Nailah Hollis stops by to talk about ice cream, racist European holidays, and David Lynch.

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    018 - So They're Making a Frozen Musical...

    On this installment of Tangential, Niki discusses the ongoing gentrification of Disney’s California Adventure as well as the new Frozen Broadway musical. Jules talks a bit about the Phantom Thread’s composer, Jonny Greenwood and Niki gives his official stance on Kanye West’s best song of all time. All this and a little less on the 18th episode of Tangential.

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    017 - Put the Olympics in Wakanda

    Just like a white winged dove, we’ve made it to episode seventeen. On this episode Niki and Jules discuss the latest installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Netflix reboot of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Niki teaches Jules about Winter Olympic Sports and they proceeded to have a heated debate over which Olympic season is more dangerous. All this and a little less on this installment of Tangential.

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    016 - Fellow of the Pod

    On this episode of Tangential, Niki and Jules decide to go back to the popcorning method and bounce some delightful kernels around. Such unsalted, zero-trans fat carbs include job security in Drumpf's America, horror as a genre, and résumé building. Niki throws us all for a loop by starting a movie corner of his own and Jules' hits him with some trivia. All this and a little less on the sixteenth episode of Tangential.

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    015 - Super Bowl 52 Post Show Roundup

    This Super Bowl Sunday, Jules and Niki delve into the  deep and tremendously rich lores of Lord of the Rings and Girl Scout cookies respectively. Later, Jules recommends some stellar medieval poetry and Niki breaks into a story about an unexpected, inherently dangerous visitor. All this and a little less on the fifteenth episode of Tangential.

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    014 - Amy Pascal's DropMix

    On this installment of Tangential, Niki discusses the geopolitical environment that envelops Blizzard Entertainment’s team-based multiplayer online first-person shooter video game, Overwatch. Jules gives you a debriefing on entry level film and television jobs in Los Angeles whilst bowing down to Hollywood newcomer, Liz Hannah. Also, what’s the deal with MoviePass’ new restrictions? All this and a little less on the fourteenth episode of Tangential.

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    013 - Thirteen Episodes? Damn.

    We're back after a school + winter break related hiatus! Thanks for sticking with us, and for new listeners, welcome to Tangential!

    This is the second episode where we've asked Lin to not sue us. Jules got back into In The Heights last week, and has made it a personal mission to learn the lyrics to "Sunrise". After a pit stop to examine the career path of one James Cameron, Niki talks about cartoons for a bit, with Cartoon Network's We Bare Bears taken up the majority of his TV time as of late.

    Also, isn't it wild that fish can make electricity? nature's #2spooky, y'all

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    012 - Why Wasn’t This Episode About Halloweentown?

    On this minisode of Tangential, your hosts figure out how to successfully podcast long-distance! In the spirit of Halloween, Niki and Jules break down America’s holiday hierarchy #spooky. Jules starts her own cinema corner, while Niki gives you an inside look into one of the most exciting upcoming Nintendo projects—Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. All this and more on the twelfth episode of Tangential.

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